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I love being where life is happening.
People, emotions, Laughter, honest conversations and humanity.

This passion for the vibrant tapestry of life drives my photography. I seek to immerse myself in the moments that make each day unique - capturing not just images, but the feelings and stories they embody. From the spontaneous joy at festivals to the quiet intimacy of a personal portrait, my camera is an extension of my heart, always ready to catch the next unforgettable moment.

Join me on this journey through lenses and heartbeats. Explore my portfolio and see the world as I do - full of color, life, and endless possibilities. Whether you're celebrating love, capturing milestones, or just want to see everyday magic, let’s make these moments last forever.

Barbora Solar

Life in Frames

From the intimacy of portrait sessions to the dynamic energy of music events, and the polished professionalism of business shoots — discover photography that truly resonates with every occasion.

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LAst-minute offer

Getting Married in 2024?

Love is in the air, and your wedding day is just around the corner. To celebrate the season of love, I'm offering an exclusive last-minute price for couples tying the knot this season! I specialize in capturing every beautiful moment, from the first kiss to the final dance, ensuring your unique love story is told in a way that reflects your personality and style. Receive a collection of high-resolution images that you can cherish for a lifetime. Book your wedding photoshoot now and enjoy a special last-minute price, available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to capture the magic of your wedding day at an unbeatable price. Reach out now to reserve your date and let me help you create timeless memories!


Moments Captured,
Memories Created

Dive into a collection where each photograph is a window to a cherished moment, meticulously crafted to reflect the deepest visions.

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What My Clients Say

We are very satisfied with the photos from our small wedding, which were captured by Barbora. We have a lot of beautiful moments that we will remember through her photographs. During the wedding, the photos were taken in such a way that the photographer did not disturb the course of the ceremony and, on the contrary, took pictures of moments that we haven't noticed ourselves. We are very grateful and recommend Barbora.

Lucie & Espen

I worked with Barbora on several sessions, and from each one I took away photos that were not only beautiful, but also natural and authentic. Even though posing in front of the lens is not at all natural to me, I felt very relaxed during the photoshoots. Barborka is very sensitive and she always captured the true emotion and essence of a person or an event. She really is a "photo-witch".

Sara - Cierna Luna

Barbora is a professional, but with a soul. She will make you feel you're a top model, or that you are not being photographed at all, if that is what the situation needs. I collaborated with her multiple times on different projects and I was always completely satisfied with what she provided. She is an artist behind a camera.Plus, I still do not understand how she can edit photos so quickly.

Belinda Rasner
Joyful frames

Celebrate Life with Every Snapshot

Every moment in life is a story waiting to be told, filled with vivid emotions and genuine connections. I specialize in capturing these authentic moments as they unfold, from joyous celebrations to quiet, intimate gatherings. With a thoughtful and unobtrusive approach, I ensure that each photo reflects the true essence of your experiences, capturing the laughter, the tears, and the countless expressions of life's beauty. Let me help you preserve these memories, turning everyday scenes into a timeless collection that speaks to the heart of your personal journey.

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